Icy Joey's Inner Workings

Sunday, November 13, 2005

HSC Over! Life begins...now!

Whoa. That was over quickly. That whole last 13 years of education, friends, girlfriends with their ex accompanyments (which I loved, by the way, lovely scarring and all) and at times actual learning seems to have melted away in a tide of beer, tequila, and dancing. I recommend the Pontoon Bar in Darling Harbour to anyone who doesn't wear sports shoes! I'm sorry about that Laura! I know how embarassing that was. I'm getting new cool formal shoes with lasers and all! I promise!

Well. Maybe not the lasers. But it's the thought that counts.

I suppose at this point in time the question must be asked: Where the hell now? I have a small list of tasks I've made for myself before 2006 starts (in no particular order):

1. Complete an RSA course
2. Complete a Bar Skills course
3. Complete an RSG course (not sure, maybe?)
4. Complete a Barista course
5. Scrounge $76 to apply for a uni course. (Before December 9)
6. Live through Schoolies (optional)
7. Find an electric guitar and amp somewhere
8. Find a job

I know, that's not a bad list at all. But getting all that done will make Step 8 all that much easier. Especially that living one.. Step 7 is a bit redundunt, might put that one off a bit. After all, Green Day aren't all that young, hell, Noodles from The Offspring is into his 40s. Enough said.

University! I have five universities I might be going to. They ARE;
1. University of Technology
2. University of Sydney
3. University of Wollongong
4. Charles Sturt University, Bathurst
5. University of Adelaide (at this point, probable)

Yeah I know. Going to Adelaide. Me. No-one tell me they weren't ready to accept the fact I might be gone next year. You have fair warning! But it should be a lot of fun, new city, new people, new woes. If I do, it should be good to start corrupting a new Australian capital city. Give Sydney a good break. At least 3 years. Coming back for holidays of course! I'd miss all you people too much! Well. Only a few of you. Like.. Dan.. Katy.. Laura too of course. Meg cause you're a cool person.. Lizz maybe, but she'll probably haunt me no matter where I end up, so missing her might just be redundunt. Love ya Lizz. Hope you're enjoying the Ballarat place. :P

What is it with me and suddenly wanting to go to the Green Day concert? Oh yeah, probably because I'm listening to them. Am having an internal debate over whether they're actually rock or punk. It's difficult to say, I think, because these days the genre's are always being blurred. Personally, I think punk, but I've read that they're rock. Not sure. Give me feedback, I like arguments over stuff as frivilrous as music genres. It's about the fucking music, geez.